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Pricing for moving service in Colorado Springs

Below are approximations. Exact pricing requires information and often, if the customer is willing, a home visit (this gives me a better understanding as to the size of the move and it gives you a chance to meet, and feel comfortable with, me prior to signing up with DTen Moving) for larger moves. This however will give you a good feel for what to expect.

Moving LaborFor basic moving help
Full-Service in-town moves
Full-Service long-distance moves
Moving Labor - For basic moving help
For basic moving help (Labor only. No trucks or long-distance travel).

1 Moving Helper$40/hr (2 hr min)

2 Moving Helpers$70/hr (2 hr min)

3 Moving Helpers$100/hr (2 hr min)

4 Moving Helpers$130/hr (2 hrs min)

Full-Service - in-town moves
We will provide a firm quote over the phone based on information provided for everything up to, and including, a 3 br house. Includes two movers and a truck.

1 or 2 br apt or condo$400 - $600

2 br townhouse or house$500 - $650

3 br townhouse or house$650 - $900

4 br + house$800+

Full-Service - long-distance moves
Includes all necessary services, i.e. loading, unloading, driving, truck, gas, tolls, etc.

1 or 2 br apt or condo~$350 plus $2.00 per mile between locations (the loading and unloading)

2 br townhouse or house~$400 plus $2.50 per mile between locations

3 br townhouse or house~$500 plus $3.00 per mile between locations

4 br + house~$600 plus $3.00 per mile between locations x number of trucks necessary

Credit Card Payments
$100credit card
$12.50credit card