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About dten moving service

How DTen Moving came to be…

I (the owner, Jason) found myself in Boston doing research and development on solar panels after spending 8 years in the navy (I had a strong engineering background in the Navy allowing me to work as a Mechanical Engineer). I quickly learned that I was incapable of happily working in an enclosed environment for 8 hours a day and I left to complete my undergraduate degree at UMass – Boston. I needed to make money while in school and stumbled upon a gentlemen hiring movers who could work part time when they were available. This seemed perfect for me both as an opportunity to burn energy after sitting in front of books and the computer all day as well as make some money to pay the bills. To my surprise, I loved not only the physical aspect of the work but also working with the other movers and the customers.

When I finished school, I promptly left Boston (I am a smaller city kind of guy) and came to Colorado Springs for quality of life purposes. I started DTen Moving Services, LLC in October of 2005 (DTen was my knickname in the Navy as it was much easier to say than Doedderlein). The business worked well for me the two years I was in Colorado Springs before I headed to Denver for Grad School, and eventually consulting work in sustainability energy.

While in Denver, I longed to return to the Springs, and when my consulting had reached a sustainable point I did so. Upon returning I revived DTen Moving to get back into shape and once again get me away from the computer and research I now do in my other business (Profuturus) continuing my sustainability energy consulting. I enjoy the work and it has been very successful so I saw no reason to stop just because I was doing something else. The two businesses compliment in a way I never would have imagined.

Jason M.
Doedderlein Owner/Operator

I am originally from Cleveland, Ohio but was raised outside of Philadelphia, PA. After High School I entered the Naval Nuclear Power program where I got the mechanical engineering background that would provide the education necessary for me to enter the field of sustainable energy. After 8 years in the Navy I moved to Boston for work and eventually went for my undergraduate degree at UMass - Boston in Political Science and Philosophy. Upon finishing my degree I embarked on a 3 month journey through the west to find a place I wanted to settle down. That is when I discovered, and fell in love with, Colorado Springs. I moved to the Springs, started DTen Moving, went to graduate school at UC - Denver receiving my MBA and am currently working on an MS in Finance. I also run a sustainable energy consulting company named Profuturus.

I trail run, kayak (whitewater and flatwater), hike, backpack, snowshoe (there is a reason why I feel in love with the Springs...) travel, read, and play with my very adorable dog, Sophie.